Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

The new Harry Potter movie is out, and by the timing of this post you may infer that I saw it fairly early on. As a matter of fact, yes, I did go see a midnight showing on opening night/morning. And yes, I did wear a costume. If you feel the need to mock me, go ahead, I’ll wait.

All done? So, given the above information, you probably already know what I’m going to say below. Here, I’ll sum up for you: some good parts especially a few scenes done well and Slughorn/Snape/Draco were awesome, they changed things I didn’t want changed, the kids still can’t act, but I’ll probably buy the Blu-Ray and wait anxiously for the next movie. There we go. Everything below can now be considered a nit-picky rant from a serious fan of the book.

Ok then. Let’s talk about the Half-Blood Prince. (no spoilers, but I am going to talk about it in general terms, so if you don’t want to know *anything*, you’ve been warned) Continue reading

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Darwin’s Black Box

Evolution has always interested me, both as a theory and as a philosophy (some might even say faith). Science is basically just figuring out how the world and things in the world work, and I love that kind of stuff. It makes perfect sense to try and figure out where we came from using the tools of science if at all possible. I am, however, a believer in Yeshua (Jesus), and so the concept of intelligent design has a great appeal to me and is generally more the direction I tend to lean. So, given that I’ve read plenty of books on evolution in my lifetime (much of it required reading for school, I admit), I thought it would be beneficial for me to read one of the main books that started the ID movement – Darwin’s Black Box – the Biochemical Challenge to Evolution.

That, and I thought it’d be nice to demonstrate here that I do read non-fiction. Occasionally. Continue reading

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Top 3 Reasons to (still) Jailbreak an iPhone

There was an article on Lifehacker recently that asked if people still jailbroke their iPhones and if so, why? After all, the new 3.0 OS adds most of the things that you used to have to jailbreak for, right? Right?

Maybe not. Continue reading


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Because I don’t have enough to do…

…I’m now going to attempt to blog more.

I started this to try and get myself writing on a regular basis, and decided that I would start by trying to post at least once a week (Thursdays) for a month. I have now officially done that (and a little more).

So, my next step in my grand plan to take ov-write more is to increase my blog posts to twice a week. From now on, at least for a month anyway, I’ll be posting Tuesdays and Thursdays. Still no regular schedule as to categories though, as I don’t want to restrict myself so much that I stop doing this.

Wish me luck! (and yes – this post counts, ha )

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Progress on the Shawl

I haven’t updated my knitting progress in a while…mostly because I hadn’t made much. I’ve been working like crazy and also buying a house…which means I’m stressed out and should be knitting even more, right? Continue reading

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To Say Nothing of the Dog

Very few sci-fi books are set in Victorian England, and for good reason. There’s usually a shocking lack of advanced technology there, for example. Or ideas about the future of mankind. Or time travel. (yes, that last one is key) Continue reading

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Here’s what I love about Pixar: Most of the entertainment industry is capable of making a great kids movie, which adults can watch and enjoy too. Pixar makes great adult movie, which kids can watch and enjoy too. Continue reading

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Category RSS Feeds

…are up.

Click on any category link on the left, and you’ll see on the right the link for that feed. Now you don’t have to hear about all my blathering! Just the blathering you care about! Or something.

Working on three different posts right now, not sure what’s actually going to make it up on Thursday. Will be a post, though, if I can help it.


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Writing for Me

My mom and I are both writers. She’s just getting into fiction after working mainly in non-fiction for most of her life, and I’m failing to stay on task for actually getting any writing done at all, so we’re trying to arrange a weekly reading and critique of each other’s work. This is hard for both of us – both because we have difficult schedules and because neither of us is terribly comfortable showing other people our “beta” work, which is what this would be.

So, the first order of business was to decide what kind of writing we should work on. My mom isn’t working on any particular projects right now, so she needs to figure out some ideas, maybe a short story starter book or something for writing exercises. I want to work on finishing a book, but the question is, which one? I have about 7 totally different book ideas, all of which I’ve at least started a basic outline for and written a few chapters. Continue reading

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Updated Site!

Hey all, I changed the site around a bit to make it easier to read. (I liked the black but it was hard on the eyes for longer posts.) I’m going to tweak the site a bit more in the next few days, probably put the categories back on top and such, so if you have any suggestions/comments about the look let me know.

Also, the site should look really nice now on any mobile device, especially an iPhone (as that’s what I had to test it on!). I’m really pleased with how that turned out!

Planning on a more regular posting schedule right now of every Thursday, with the goal of making it be Tuesdays and Thursdays once I get into a routine here. No topic schedule, though I do plan to eventually put up a category specific rss feed on here so you won’t need to hear about stuff you don’t care about on here. 🙂

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