Updated Site!

Hey all, I changed the site around a bit to make it easier to read. (I liked the black but it was hard on the eyes for longer posts.) I’m going to tweak the site a bit more in the next few days, probably put the categories back on top and such, so if you have any suggestions/comments about the look let me know.

Also, the site should look really nice now on any mobile device, especially an iPhone (as that’s what I had to test it on!). I’m really pleased with how that turned out!

Planning on a more regular posting schedule right now of every Thursday, with the goal of making it be Tuesdays and Thursdays once I get into a routine here. No topic schedule, though I do plan to eventually put up a category specific rss feed on here so you won’t need to hear about stuff you don’t care about on here. 🙂

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