Progress on the Shawl

I haven’t updated my knitting progress in a while…mostly because I hadn’t made much. I’ve been working like crazy and also buying a house…which means I’m stressed out and should be knitting even more, right?

Well I thought so, so I picked up my needles last week and did some more work on the Botanica Medallion shawl. It’s really looking beautiful right now, despite a mistake I now see at the very beginning of the trim (sigh). Oh well, I’m just making it for me so it doesn’t have to be perfect, right?

I’m almost at the halfway point around the center now, although you can’t tell from the pictures as I took them right before a slight knitting frenzy. (smile) Enjoy the pics! (I do anyway…)

Detail of the trim:


Length of trim so far:


Close up of length check (I’m further now, honest!):


The whole thing so far (we’re moving, can you tell?):


All of the pictures are up on my Flickr site in the Botanica Medallion set, or you can check it out on Ravelry for more progress and info about yarn, etc if you’re really a knitting geek. (grin)

Progress! Yay!

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