Aeryn’s “Stealth Geek” Blanket

My husband and I are big on stealth geek. What is that, you say? Well, I’d be breaking the rules to tell you.

Yeah ok, all it means is very geeky things that don’t, at first glance, seem like very geeky things. For example, we named our daughter Aeryn. There’s a lot of different ways to spell Aeryn (Erin, Arin, Aaron, etc.), but we chose that way for a reason.

So when it was time to start making a baby blanket for Aeryn, there was really only one choice. Serenity, a beautiful free pattern on Ravelry. It’s a leaf pattern, and the quote on the page is “Like a leaf on the wind…”


I chose a really nice soft yarn for this – Baby Bunny by Plymouth Yarns, which is mostly Pima Cotton with some Rayon and little bit of Angora blended in – it’s a joy to work with, soft and yet nice and sturdy. I’m working with bamboo needles and basically, my hands are just happy. 🙂

I’m at about row 60 right now, and I’m doing the small size so I figure around another month at the pace I’m going should do it, which is good as she can’t sleep with blankets yet anyway, so no hurry there. This photo shows my progress and the color (a nice gray-green) best:

It’s on circulars so it almost looks like a hat right now – here’s it spread more to show the square shape:

And here’s a close up on the leaf pattern:

I’m really enjoying this so far! One great thing about this pattern is that since it came in a pdf, I could convert it to an epub format (using Calibre), drop it on my nook and never have to print it off or mark it up with a pencil or anything. I just highlight the row I’m on in my nook, nice and easy. I’ve been loving the convenience of that – I think I’ll try to do that in the future for as many patterns as I can.

Over all, it’s a beautiful (and so far error-free) pattern, easy and pretty quick to knit, stealth geek, and free. Can’t beat that. I highly recommend it.

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