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How to be a Writer Without Writing Anything

The last few weeks have been tough. I had a baby, for one thing. I’m now 19 days into the newborn stage and am frankly having trouble seeing light at the end of the tunnel. Continue reading

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Schedule Change Again

Well, my experiment with posting twice a week has come to an end, and I’ve decided not to continue. The purpose of this blog is to get me writing again, and it’s certainly done that, but now I need to focus more on what I really want to write – fiction books.

So, as of now, one of the days I used to write a blog post in I’ll instead devote to fiction writing. I’m still a long ways off from my goal of writing every day, but this is helping, so that’s good. Life as Geek will now return to it’s regular, “most Thursdays, some Tuesdays” schedule. So ok, sometimes twice a week, but usually not.

Thanks for reading. 🙂

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