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Finished front and back of long-forgotten sweater!

At last!  I have been “working” on this sweater for my poor, patient husband since October of 2005.  Yeah…obviously, not very hard working, but I did look at it once in a while.  Well, I recently decided that I needed to get a move on and actually finish this thing, and I’m proud to say that I am now up to the sleeves!  (and working hard — really! — on that)

This is my first venture without an official pattern, so that’s part of why I’ve been hesitant to finish it — I’m worried it’ll be wrong and I’ll have done all that work for nothing.  But so far it looks ok.  I’m doing a few weird things — first, I made the back panel much wider than the front.  I’m planning on doing a reverse seem in the front so there will be two little ridges, which I think will look kinda cool if I do it right.  (I’ll probably also duplicate stitch his initial in the middle, as in Harry Potter, which he’ll like.)

I’m also doing the sleeves all in one piece with the yoke, knit sideways to give it an interesting texture.  At least that’s my plan.  If it doesn’t work I’m not sure how to fix it at this point, so I really hope it works!  I don’t have a great pic yet as there’s not much to see, but here’s one of lots of material knitted up!  Yay!

Front and back done!

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