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Quick Workaround for Yarssr in Ubuntu

Just a quick fix for anyone else having this issue right now:

When trying to start up Yarrsr yesterday it locked due to a feed it suddenly decided not to parse. (Though it had in the past – probably the feed changed on me, haven’t checked yet.)

When calling the program from the terminal I got this error:

*** unhandled exception in callback:
*** Can’t call method “get_url” without a package or object reference at /usr/share/yarssr/Yarssr/Feed.pm line 158.
*** ignoring at /usr/share/yarssr/Yarssr/GUI.pm line 115.

Here’s the quick perl hack to stop this from happening:

  • sudo gedit (or whatever program you want to use) /usr/share/yarssr/Yarssr/Feed.pm
  • insert a line before line 158 with: if ($item) {
  • insert a line after line 162 with: }
  • save the file

That let me open Yarssr and delete the feed with issues. I added a different feed with the same info. Works great now, no problems since. This doesn’t really solve the issue, it just keeps Yarssr from trying to deal with blank data from what I saw. But it let me open it, so I’m happy.

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